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Plain Flags

Gail’s Flags, Inc. is one of a very few companies who produce the entire flag in-house.  This allows us total control of the finished product.  Whether plain, silk screened, or embroidered, we produce only the highest quality of golf course flags.  Whether you choose Oxford Nylon in 200 Denier or 400 Denier, or ventilated nylon, our flags are manufactured on-site to exceed all expectations.  Our flag staff has over 40 years combined experience in the industry and can accommodate virtually any special request.

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200 Denier

L-R: Black, Silver, White, Brown, Sand, Navy, Royal, Peacock, California Blue, Teal, Forest, Kelly, Purple, Maroon, Red, Canada Red, Magenta, Pink, Orange, Poppy, Gold, Lemon

400 Denier

L-R: Yellow, Royal, Red, White, Black

Ventilated Nylon

L-R: Red, Royal, White

Personalized Flags

We use only the finest ink on our flags to produce a logo that will stand out for an extended period.  Other inks may crack and peel but our ink prints “in” the material rather than “on” it.  This ensures that the logo will stay on the flag in all weather conditions.  Printed flags can feature an infinite variety of images including logos, course or sponsor names, special tournament artwork, etc.  Contact us with your request.

Click on Images below to see colors/designs!

Embroidered Flags

By producing our embroidered flags in-house, we are able to provide only the best in flag quality.  While other embroidered flags may “draw up” or “pucker”, we embroider each flag individually (not mass-produced) to ensure that our flag remains tight through the embroidery process.  The result is an embroidered flag with a clean, professional appearance.  Also, with digitizing created in-house, we are able to maintain control in design and stitch count to provide the ultimate in quality with the fewest number of required stitches.

Click on Images below to see colors/designs!